VidaBox Adds Compact Blu-ray Player

VidaBox RoomClientHD

The RoomClientHD adds DVD and Blu-ray streaming features to any of VidaBox’s media servers.

The RoomClientHD can stream audio, DVD and Blu-ray -- in full HD.

Sep. 29, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Sure, your A/V cabinet is stuffed to the gills, but VidaBox has found another way to wedge in a device. First, the VidaBox RoomClientHD is a mere 2 inches tall, plus it adds streaming Blu-ray into the equation—making it quite shove-worthy.

The RoomClientHD doesn’t just stream Blu-ray, but also audio and DVD. Promising full 1080p and lossless audio codecs, the unit allows on-demand access to any content on your VidaBox media server.

“Current Blu-ray players and extenders are the size of typical DVD players or set-top boxes, and may have slight unpleasantries like fan noise that stopped many installers from putting the equipment directly in the viewing area,” says Steven Cheung, VidaBox president. “By combining advanced hardware design and our in-depth experience with Blu-ray streaming, we’ve been able to create the RoomClientHD, answering the prayers of integrators and customers alike.”

The RoomClientHD is preconfigured, but VidaBox says you’ll also need standard Cat5e/6 cabling as well as one of their servers. They have a few, such as the RACK24, which stores up to 22TB. No pricing was announced, but the RoomClientHD is available now, with or without a built-in Blu-ray disc drive for local playback.

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