Verizon Uber Alles


Two recent announcements by Verizon indicate forward-thinking.

Nov. 30, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Verizon Wireless is making its network available to outside devices, applications, and software. In early 2008 the company will make its technical standards available to developers for the design and production of said end-user products that will access and operate on Verizon’s expansive wireless network. A response to consumer cries to “tear down this wall” keeping outside technology from using the company’s network? Sure looks that way. And if so, I offer this virtual applause to the company: clap, clap, clap.

Additionally, the company has selected Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology as the choice fourth generation mobile broadband network. The move brings Vodafone and Verizon – co-owners of Verizon Wireless – closer to compatibility. LTE is deemed by Verizon Wireless to be the technology of choice for the future, offering (hopefully) greater mobility, easier access, and faster speeds. It shouldn’t hurt sales of next-gen incorporating cell phones, either.

What does this mean for electronics in the home? Well, it will certainly have an impact on the cell phones you purchase through Verizon Wireless. But it should also mean that new wireless technology can access and use the Verizon network, even when you aren’t a traditional subscriber. That all sounds pretty promising to me.

A cutting-edge company? I would say so…

Read the press releases here and here.

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