Velodyne’s New Subwoofers Deliver ‘Impact’

velodyne impact

Velodyne’s Impact Series subwoofer

The Impact Series from subwoofer manufacturer stalwart Velodyne range from $399 to $549 and include the Impact-10, Impact-12 and Impact-Mini.

Oct. 08, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

That thump you’re hearing from California isn’t an earthquake but just more subwoofer goodness from Velodyne.

The Northern California company, now in its 25th year pumping out subs, is delivering more impact—the Impact Series, actually. The lineup includes the Impact-Mini, Impact-10 and Impact-12 subwoofers.

Here’s the skinny: the Impact-10 and Impact-12 retail for $399 and $499 each, respectively. They have down-firing ports for max performance and minimum distortion, Velodyne says, with the Impact-10 incorporating a 250W dynamic, 150W RMS amplifier and the Impact-12 a 275W dynamic, 165W RMS amp.

The 10 x 10 x 12-inch Impact-Mini can be tucked just about anywhere in your theater or media room and still dish out whopping bass with its 6.5-inch forward firing driver and 8-inch down-firing passive radiator, fueled by a 300W dynamic power, 180W RMS power amp. The Mini is retailing for $549.

Velodyne has given the subs good looks to match the good bass, with black gloss trim for some visual “Impact” too.

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