Velodyne’s MiniVee 10 Subwoofer Brings Major Bass

Velodyne sub

Velodyne’s MiniVee 10 subwoofer

The 10-inch MiniVee 10 is designed by Velodyne for homeowners who still want big bass but a small-sized subwoofer.

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For big sound out of a smaller subwoofer, Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., has debuted a 10-inch, 2000-watt powered subwoofer, the MiniVee 10, that it says was designed for homeowners who want to fill larger rooms with clean, deep bass, yet prefer a small-sized sub.

With a cabinet that’s 12.75 inches high and 14.5 inches deep, the MiniVee 10 features a Class D switching amplifier with 2000 watts dynamic power and 1000 watts RMS power, says Velodyne. Its sealed design delivers accuracy, low distortion and maximum output from a small cabinet, the company adds.

The driver for the MiniVee 10 incorporates a massive 21-pound magnet structure and an inside/outside, two-layer copper voice coil that allows it to create room-shaking bass in spite of its size, Velodyne says. The MiniVee 10 also features Velodyne’s Dynamic Drive Control System for linear cone movement and controls the driver’s frequency and distortion characteristics for the loud, accurate bass.

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