URC Has Energy Monitoring App


Users can view their energy usage on Network Series controllers.

Jul. 23, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Just how hot is energy monitoring? Now you can see your energy consumption in your home theater, on several URC controllers.

URC has released new energy control modules for use with its Network Series controllers KP-4000, MX-5000 and MX-6000, that work with The Energy Detective (TED) 5000 energy monitor.

TED integrates with a home’s electrical system to monitor a home’s total power usage. A certified electrician can install the TED 5000 device in the main panel in a few minutes.

Via URC’s new modules, the TED 5000 wirelessly communicates via the home network with URC Network Series keypads, wand remotes and touch screen controllers, enabling you to view information including:

  • Real-time kW usage, dollars spent and carbon dioxide emissions
  • Daily, monthly and projected usages
  • Daily and monthly peak values
  • Billing information
  • Power and cost history per hour, day or month
  • Default metrics (kW, Cost or Carbon emissions)
  • Line voltage, to detect fluctuations
  • Graphical displays of how energy-efficient the home currently is

URC says homeowners not only can view their energy information on their URC controllers, but also act on that data by instantly adjusting the lights or temperature, or powering down their electronics components.

The URC-TED solution does not require a two-way smart meter, and can be installed in any normal system.

The module is being made available to URC dealers, so be sure to ask your custom electronics pro (CE pro) about it. Click here for a closer look at screen shots of the new modules.


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