Upgrade to a New McIntosh Amp Using Money from Your Old One

McIntosh Amp

McIntosh’s MC205 5-channel power amp

McIntosh Laboratory's 'Trade-UP' program will give back customers up to 75 percent of the original MSRP of their amplifier toward purchasing a new or current model.

Jul. 18, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Ready for an upgrade of your McIntosh power amplifier? This summer’s the time.

McIntosh Laboratory, the high-performance A/V manufacturer, has announced a special “Trade-UP” incentive program for loyal customers of its power amps. During the limited-time program through participating McIntosh dealers, customers may trade in their McIntosh Multi-Channel, 2-Channel or Monoblock Amplifier—regardless of how old it is—and receive up to 75 percent of its original MSRP toward a new or current model McIntosh Power Amplifier. 

To qualify for the program, all trade-ins must be functional and maintain their original design. The “Trade-UP” program is running through Aug. 31, 2007.

McIntosh will promote the offer on its web site and is encouraging its participating dealers to do the same on their web sites, the company says. For more information, visit www.mcintoshlabs.com.

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