Up Close with GoldenEar Technologies AON Speakers


Bookshelf speaker packs in much of the technology from its big brother Triton.

Sep. 13, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

About a year ago speaker veteran Sandy Gross launches a new company, GoldenEar. Because his designs have been the center of so many successful speaker brands, many people in the industry had high hopes for what the speaker boss would do next.

The results didn’t disappoint. The company’s first products, the Triton Two tower speakers, TritonCinemas and SuperCinema satellite system won instant praise.

Read my review of the Golden Ear Triton Two speakers.

Now, a year after the launch, the company is expanding with a powerful, but compact, bookshelf model as well as an architectural speaker for installation in ceilings and walls.
After sitting in on a listening session, we got Gross to talk about the new products:



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