Universal Adapters Could Save Energy


Green Plug makes a push for smart charging and wall wart reduction.

Dec. 31, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Here’s an idea we hope won’t succumb to the typical electronics market lethargy and desire for totally proprietary systems.

It’s called Green Plug, and the idea is to have universal DC adapters that can be used with any device. That means laptop computers, mobile electronic chargers, printers — anything with an AC-DC adapter.

With Green Plug, you could have one adapter that powers several products, each requiring different voltages. That reduces electronic waste — we hope — and saves electricity.

A Green Plug charging device will automatically cut power when it is no longer needed. Electricity is often wasted and dissipated as heat when a product is fully charged but remains plugged in, or when the device is disconnected but the charging cord remains plugged in.

Green Plug’s Greentalk technology exchanges power information through the power line between power adapters and electronic products.

Green Plug plans to enable makers of a wide range of CE products to include a smart power interface for little or no charge. That interface would accept power from conventional power adapters or new Greentalk-enabled power adapters and hubs. Consumers will have a choice between a device-specific power adapter and a dynamic, green power solution.

PURE, the world’s leading digital radio maker, has entered into an agreement to enable its popular radios to accept power from smart power adapters. And Green Plug hopes many other CE makers come on board.

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