Tyent Adds Tech to Your Kitchen Faucet


The UCE 9000 water ionizer has an LED touchscreen and voice alerts.

Aug. 09, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Aside from speakers and the occasional LCD-enhanced fridge, it’s hard to find new kitchen technology. Sure, you can drag a touchpanel or iPad into any room, but we’re talking about super-cool tech that’s specifically designed for kitchen use.

Tyent is hoping to stand out with its new UCE 9000 water ionizer. Designed specifically for kitchen use, the UCE 9000 is a high-tech kitchen faucet with its own LED touchscreen.

According to the company, that touchscreen will produce “high-end water.” To some, Poland Spring may seem like high-end water. However, the UCE 9000 has the high-end price of $2,995. That said, you should be able to taste the difference—or at least clean with it. The touchscreen allows users to choose between strongly alkaline water (think highly oxygenated, antioxidant-rich water for drinking and cooking) and strongly acidic water (good for cleaning and sterilization).

There shouldn’t be any overlap, either. The one faucet keeps the water separate, via distinct spouts. The whole thing is easy to operate, too, via that touchscreen and voice-guided alerts.

Tyent is currently selling the UCE 9000 water ionizer on its website, with the $2,995 MSRP. At last peek, it was also available though Amazon for about $200 less.

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