TVersity Pro Adds DLNA Streaming for Flash Video Sites


Software provider TVersity has opened its door to support content of any Flash video website with its latest version 1.8.

Mar. 03, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Our modern AV world currently has no shortage of ways to get PC video content on to your big screen. One of the most versatile (assuming you have a speedy home network) is the server-side DLNA uPnP server. 

These work by running a small piece of software on a PC somewhere on your network that transcodes video from websites otherwise left PC captive, and ships them out to any DLNA uPnP client elsewhere on your network. With a growing number of TVs, Blu-ray players, and most media streamers acting as DLNA uPnP clients, chances are you have a client somewhere in your house already. 

Software like TVersity and PlayOn have been doing this for awhile, but the sites supported have always been limited and determined by those who write the code.

The newest release of TVersity Pro, version 1.8, is opening the door to ANY Flash video website, however. Through the use of XML files, advanced users can add support to all the content sites their hearts desire, as long as they use Flash video. Additional content avenues will be pushed to normal users without the need for a version upgrade, and advanced users can upload their additions for the benefit of the entire TVersity community.

TVersity Pro 1.8 is still considered a Beta release, so support will continue to be limited to the hosted forum. Suggested price is $29.95, but TVersity offers an open-ended trial period for all versions, including Pro, with no limitations on functionality. 

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