TV/PC Becoming Main Music Sources

PC Music

Two-thirds of those surveyed use the PC as a main source of music.

According to a new study, music fans are looking to the computer and TV to enjoy audio.

Jul. 08, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Want to rock out? Try turning on the TV.

According to a new study by Parks Associates, more people are using the TV as a main source of audio enjoyment. One-third of U.S. and Canadian households surveyed said that their television is a good source of music. The surprising thing is that TVs ranked about the same as MP3 players.

“iPods are sexy, but not everybody has one,” said John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates. “TVs are ubiquitous and increasingly capable of delivering a range of content, especially with new features like digital music delivery and place-shifting services. This is just the tip of the iceberg for TV applications.”

Not surprising at all, two-thirds of those surveyed stated that the PC was a regular source of music.

The results were part of the study “Digital Media Habits II,” an online survey of 2,000 web users, ages 13 and up. The report focuses on digital media consumption, the relationship between devices, and demands for new digital products, services and other tools.

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