Turntable, Cartridge Highlight Denon Anniversary Collection


Vinyl enthusiasts should be on the lookout for the DP-A100 Direct Drive Turntable and DL-A100 cartridge from Denon this fall.

Aug. 30, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

One hundred years is a long time—especially in electronics years.

In the case of the electronics company Denon, a lot of good things have happened during its century of existence. Recently, the electronics company announced that it was celebrating its 100th year in business with the launch of several new, limited edition products.

Analog enthusiasts will be especially interested in two product highlights within this limited product release—the DP-A100 Direct Drive Turntable and the companion DL-A100 cartridge. The company plans on releasing these components this November and they will be available from just a handful of “Select Special Anniversary Denon” dealers.

Denon says the turntable will be based on its Direct Drive technology, which it has continued to refine over the past 40 years. Seems appropriate for Denon to be releasing the analog technologies, which have managed to survive the longest among the history of A/V.

Supporting the release of the DP-A100 turntable, Denon is also introducing its DL-A100 cartridge, which it says that it based on its original DL-103 cartridge.

SRPs on the products will be $2,499 for the turntable and $499 for the cartridge. We can’t say they’ll last for another 100 years, but as some audiophiles continue to listen to the same turntable they’ve been using since 1975, we’re sure you’ll get plenty of mileage from this combo.

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