Tripp Lite’s Backup Power Block Protects Your Networking Devices

Tripp Lite backup

Tripp Lite’s AV550SC Backup Power Block

For your telephone, Internet and coax connections within structured cabling, Tripp Lite's AV550SC Backup Power Block provides a reliable battery and surge protection.

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We’ve all been there—you’re working on a project on your PC, you haven’t been saving every two minutes, the power spikes and goes out for a minute, and bang, you’re in a restart with a bunch of lost information to try to remember. That shouldn’t be a worry anymore, with Tripp Lite’s new AV550SC Backup Power Block.

The AV550SC provides protection for telephone, Internet and coax connections within structured cabling installations found in many new homes, Tripp Lite says. Among the solution features of the AV550SC are reliable battery backup, surge protection and EMI/RFI line noise filtering.

The device works for audio/video distribution systems by supporting modems, routers, RF amplifiers, network interfaces and other equipment through all power problems, Tripp Lite adds. If there is a local power failure, the AV550SC includes an auto-restart feature that eliminates the need to perform an onsite startup. Also, when a modem or router freeze-up occurs, the AV550SC features a one-touch, automatic recycle/reset button with sequential outlet startup – 1 minute delay for router – for proper modem and router rebooting.

The AV550SC Backup Power Block has been designed to fit in the bottom left corner of a structured wiring enclosure without the need for mounting screws or brackets, Tripp Lite says.

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