Tributaries Deems PWRI-PRO Outlet a ‘Triple Threat’


The new in-wall power management outlet promises triple UL certifications.

Sep. 09, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Why have boring, old outlets, when you can have something that’s actually protecting your AV investment? For just such an application, Tributaries Cable just announced the PWRI-PRO in-wall power management outlet.

Promising AC protection and three extensive UL certifications, this outlet is designed for areas where space is limited for AC power management devices. Those types of areas may include behind that flat-panel TV or even in the ceiling by that big projector.

With a joule rating of 1440, this compact solution promises clean power that’s free of signal degrading noise and distortion. It also has X3 MOV, the latest MOV technology, to protect your devices from damaging spikes and harmful surges.

Another PWRI-PRO highlight is both over- and under-voltage protection. If the line voltage increases above 135 volts or falls below 90 volts, the PWRI-PRO will automatically disconnect until the line voltage returns to a safe levels.

“A homeowner’s safety is number one priority when designing a convenience product like this,” says Joe Perfito, president of Tributaries. “We are dedicated to putting the safest possible product on the market, allowing our dealers to deliver to their clients’ peace of mind, that the proper authorities have rigorously tested and approved this model.”

Featuring AC line filtering and conditioning for two in-wall outlets, Tributaries says that the PWRI-PRO will be available this month. The company has listed the MSRP at $200.

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