Triad Delivers DesignerSeries ‘Invisible’ Speakers


Speakers can be hidden behind walls or ceilings for a discrete audio solution.

Nov. 02, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Triad Speakers is set to deliver its new DesignerSeries Speakers that can be completely hidden and sealed behind walls or ceilings.

The line of “invisible” speakers features three mono versions and two stereo models that can produce maximum sound pressure levels up of 105dB.

The speakers can be used for a variety of installation scenarios, including multiroom audio, home theater rear surrounds, and environmentally-challenging situations like wet and humid pool areas and bathrooms.

Triad employs power-coated aluminum frames, a rigid aluminum honeycomb core with paper skin surfaces and an electro-mechanical drive assembly to enable stealth capabilities.

The speakers require less than 26mm of mounting depth and can install between wall studs without much effort, according to Triad. The speakers must be mated to dual-channel analog 120Hz filters with limiters during installation.

Triad is providing installers with a choice of two 120Hz high-pass filters:

  • The HPF-2 shelf-mounted unit, which is used with a pair of speakers
  • The HPF-8 rack-mount version, which can be used with as many as four speakers

Triad will ship the DesignerSeries Speakers in November.

MSRP for monaural versions (small, medium and large rooms) are $550, $750 and $1,050 (each). MSRP for stereo versions (small and medium rooms) are $740 and $1,040 (each).

The High-Pass Filters are $100 and $730 each, respectively, for the HPF-2 and HPF-8.

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