Toshiba Still Updating Your HD DVD Players

toshiba hda35

Toshiba’s HD-A35 and other players can get the firmware update 4.0

Though it's not producing players anymore, Toshiba recently released its second firmware update to HD DVD players since the format's demise.

Oct. 01, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If there’s one thing we understand by reading your valuable comments, it’s that HD DVD fans are still very happy with their players, very vocal about it, and still snapping up what are now bargain discs.

Toshiba might have thrown in the towel earlier this year, but we’re giving them props for at least keeping the HD DVD players in people’s homes up to date by continuing to release firmware updates. Sure, this seems like a no-brainer for the company, but it also recognizes that Tosh is using feedback from its engineers, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it came from actual customers too.

The latest release is firmware update 4.0, which the company says: “This firmware update improves support for Addresses certain disc playback related issues identified by Toshiba, Play state specification is changed (Advanced playback function) When ‘pause state’ continues 3 hours.”

Even if updates are minor, anything to help the experience, right? This is at least the second update, by my count (and my own home mailbox), that’s come out since Toshiba stopped production of HD DVD players. It’s for the gamut of models: HD-A1, HD-XA1, HD-D1, HD-A35, HD-A2, HD-A2W, HD-A2C, HD-D2, HD-A20, HD-XA2, HD-A3, HD-D3, HD-A30.

And thanks to all the posters who noted some of the places to get cheap HD DVDs! Keep ‘em coming.

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