Toshiba Multitasks with Cellphone/Modem

Toshiba G450

Toshiba’s G450 packs a modem, cellphone, MP3 player and more into one device.

The G450 packs a slew of features, including MP3 playback and USB storage.

Nov. 18, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

It’s a modem, it’s a cellphone, it makes fries. Sadly, the latter Is just a pipe dream, but Toshiba’s G450 wants to be many things to many people.

The tiny device is an HSDPA modem, a phone, a memory stick, alarm clock and an MP3 player in one package. Into Mobile got to play around with the G450, which sounds simple to use and a whole lot of fun too—despite the measly 160MB of memory. Who’s idea was that?

Still, it’s a pretty cool idea and possibility of what could come. For now, Toshiba seems to be pushing the product as a secondary phone, which sort of makes sense. However, does anyone want to carry two phones? Also, what’s up with no text features? For $205, we want it all. Then again, we don’t have to worry about it all that much. It’s currently only available in parts of Europe.

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