Toshiba Makes Shiny 12-Sided Media Server

Toshiba Media Server

Toshiba’s concept media server is currently on display at Japan’s CEATEC show.

The concept design is dreamy -- and currently on display in Japan.

Sep. 30, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The new Toshiba media server is the kind of thing you want to put in your pocket. It’s cool, it’s small, and it’s just a concept—meaning that pocketing this little guy and walking off could be the only way your A/V setup ever sees one.

Not that we are advocates for thievery, but that’s what shiny, funky shapes do to us. Ubergizmo is showing this one off, and—get ready for some major sadness—it’s just a concept device.

According to Gizmodo, it’s actually a dodecahedron. It doesn’t matter anyway, because it doesn’t appear that there are any real plans to ever make this device. It’s just part of a Toshiba demo about how everything in your A/V system interacts with the media server, some of it wirelessly. It’s also a great example of how well Toshiba can tease us.

The Toshiba wireless media server is currently inducing drool at Japan’s CEATEC. After that, we’re guessing it will be punted back into storage or used as someone’s office paperweight.

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