Toshiba Adds Pair of Streaming Blu-ray Players


Toshiba’s BDX2700 Blu-ray player

The latest BDX2500 and BDX2700 Blu-ray players from Toshiba deliver Netflix, Blockbuster, Vudu and Pandora as well.

Jun. 04, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’re still awaiting the arrival of a 3D-compatible Blu-ray player from Toshiba, which is scheduled to arrive in the third quarter of this year, but it looks like the company’s new BDX2500 and BDX2700 players are rarin’ to get into your entertainment systems.

The models from the Blu-ray latecomer—which will run $179 and $249, respectively—arrive with lots of streaming options at the ready for when you’re not watching 1080p Blu-ray discs. Both include WiFi capabilities (it’s built-in with the BDX2700, you’ll need a dongle for the BDX2500) and Ethernet so you can stream away.

When the players were announced back at CES in January, they were slated to come packed with Netflix, Vudu, Pandora and CinemaNow streaming. Looks like the CinemaNow has been switched to Blockbuster On Demand, but the other three are intact, and that’s fine by us. Hard to justify purchasing a Blu-ray player that doesn’t stream anything these days, so it’s nice to see Toshiba stepping right into the game.

Both players are also compatible if you have a legacy A/V receiver without HDMI, as they feature built-in lossless audio Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding and have 7.1 analog outputs for such audio connections. Of course, HDMI with HDMI CEC control is there, too.

The company’s announcement does not mention if the players are DLNA-certified to share media on your home network, but they do include USB port and SD/SDHC card slot so you can feed them other audio, video and photos from your digital media collection that way. The BDX2500 and BDX2700 will play MP3 and WMA audio formats.

Aesthetically, the deep gloss black finish matches well with today’s flat-panel displays, and the step-up model has metallic-trimmed foot pedestals and an illuminated Blu-ray logo for some extra pizazz.

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