Torus AVR Series Juices Up Your Theater

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Torus Power’s AVR Series

Torus Power has introduced its AVR Series of power conditioning products, with six models for the North American market.

Dec. 30, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Precious and powerful home theater gear deserves more than your everyday power strip. You want quality AC power, reliable surge suppression and protection, and Torus Power’s got it in spades with its new AVR Series.

The new series of power conditioners includes six models for the North American market (numbers correspond to amps)—RM10 AVR, RM15 AVR, RM20 AVR, RM20 BAL (balanced) AVR, RM45 BAL AVR and RM60 BAL AVR.

Your electronics will be in good hands with the clean AC power, isolation from the outside grid, series-mode surge suppressions and stabilized voltage provided by Torus’ AVR products.

Other capabilities of the products include:

  • Measure and display input voltage
  • Measure and display output voltage
  • Measure and display output current
  • Adjust output voltage by switching transformer taps using the timing sequence specified
  • Monitor a 12V trigger input to power on/off (back panel mounted)
  • Monitor the 17 onboard relays for correct switching operation and if a fault is detected, display the fault condition

The conditioners can monitor under (85V) and over (135V) input conditions, and you can choose whether to remove power or continue to operate it, and when to restore the power when the voltage is back in range. You can also preset the AVRs to automatically turn off, so you can better protect your gear.

There’s also an Ethernet interface with built in web browser, so you can view the voltage and current readings and turn on or off the PIU from your computer. There’s also an optional control system interface for the products, which will be showcased at CES 2009. Torus is distributed worldwide by Bryston—the power products and Bryston electronics make a pretty fine looking pair.

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