Top 10 Blu-ray Releases for December 1


Tom Hanks, Ben Stiller, a classic 80s fright flick, and intense Rolling Stones doc highlight this week's crop of Blu-ray releases.

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I remember being really scared seeing Gremlins in the theater. Of course, I was only 10, but man, when the evil Gremlin started wielding a chainsaw that was my cue to run out to the concession area.

There were plenty of campy movies to come out of the 80s, but Gremlins was good enough to be scary, entertaining and overall a pretty decent flick. So it should be interesting to see how well it holds up 25 years later, when we can watch it in high-definition as one of this week’s top Blu-ray releases.

If it’s starpower you’re looking for, Tom Hanks and Ben Stiller find their way onto more Blu-rays with this week’s release of The Green Mile and Night at The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, respectively. Or you can catch Brad Pitt and try to figure out what the heck he’s saying through his thick accent in Snatch.

For something completely different, especially on the music side of things, take a look at The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter. It’s far different than your average rock doc, with a bulk of it focusing on the Stones as they watch footage of the Altamont concert disaster of 1969. It’s engaging throughout, that’s for sure.

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Here are all of this week’s Blu-ray releases, courtesy of

Ben 10: Alien Swarm
BluScenes: The Classic Fireplace
BluScenes: Coral Reef Aquarium
BluScenes: Journey Through Space
A Christmas Tale
Death Warrior
An Evening with il Divo: Live in Barcelona
The Green Mile
The Legend of Zorro/The Mask of Zorro
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
The Mask of Zorro
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Paper Heart
Ride Around the World
The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter
Secondhand Lions
Terminator Salvation
The Wizard of Oz (3-disc Emerald Edition)

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