Top 10 Blu-ray Releases for April 20


Jeff Bridges' Oscar-winning performance in Crazy Heart, Cruise in Minority Report, highlight this week's new releases on Blu-ray.

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Perhaps it was one of those “lifetime achievement recognition” type of honors, but Jeff Bridges topped some pretty good competition at this year’s Academy Awards to win the Best Actor nod for his role in Crazy Heart.

You can see the worthy performance in high-definition when it hits shelves on Blu-ray this week, with the story of a washed-up musician certainly one of the more interesting efforts out there for new releases. (Click here to view a slideshow of our Top 10 releases for this week.)

While that one may be more of a character study than a visually stunning and awesome sounding movie for your home theater, we invite you to turn to Minority Report for those wishes. The futuristic Steven Spielberg-directed film starring Tom Cruise is already being cited for reference-quality HD video.

Here’s the lowdown from’s review: “According to the packaging, this Blu-ray release of Minority Report comes from a ‘Spielberg-approved HD Master,’ and the results are indeed spectacular. This 1080p, 2.39:1-framed transfer retains a finely-tuned layer of grain that sometimes swells to enormous proportions but nevertheless lends to the movie a wonderfully gritty film-like texture that allows for the retention of an awe-inspiring level of fine detail and gives the film, in conjunction with the spectacular special effects, the ‘glitzy-meets-rough’ visual tone that accentuates the thematic elements of the story.”

That’s one of the longest sentences we’ve ever read, but it makes the point nonetheless. Especially if you have an anamorphic lens setup theater, this movie’s ready to rock your room.

If you want a real classic to watch, check out Battleship Potemkin. This 1925 silent film is one of the most acclaimed of all-time, and it should be impressive to view with a high-def transfer.

Here’s the full list of Blu-ray releases for this week (schedule and slideshow synopses courtesy of
44 Inch Chest
American Experience: Earth Days
The Basketball Diaries
Battleship Potemkin
Best of Travel: Australia and New Zealand
The Big Gay Musical
Cheech and Chong’s Hey Watch This
Crazy Heart
The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!
Fist of Legend
A Fork in the Road
Incognito: Live in London the 30th Anniversary Concert
The Lovely Bones
Minority Report
Nature: Amazing Places Africa
Nature: Amazing Places Hawaii
Scenic Walks Around the World: Historic Pathways
Scenic Walks Around the World: Our Dramatic Planet
Summer Hours
The Telling
Vivre sa vie
The Young Victoria



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