Tivoli Outs New Bluetooth Systems for Your Tabletop

The Music System Two (top) and Model Three (bottom).

The Music System Two BT and the Model Three are both available now.

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Some music systems can consume an entire room. Tivoli Audio is perfectly happy rocking out right from your desktop. The company has released a slew of tabletop radios over the years. Now, Tivoli has two new products that can put a wealth of music options into smaller spaces.

Both the Music System Two BT and the Model Three BT come packing Bluetooth technology. That basically means that you can stream music to the radio from any smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device. It also means that you don’t need an extra-large system to have access to a ton of music.

The Music System Two BT is an all-in-one stereo that combines Bluetooth with an AM/FM radio, a built-in powered subwoofer and amplifier, and a digital clock that has a battery backup and two alarms. The system also has two speakers with SpacePhase equalization choices between mono and stereo modes, as well as that built-in powered subwoofer with control for volume.

Other features include front-panel buttons, six radio presets, and a 30-foot range for the Bluetooth. Tivoli is shipping the Music System Two BT with cabinet options that include walnut/beige, cherry/metallic taupe, and black ash/silver. Each one comes with its own remote and a $599.99 MSRP.

The Model Three is a new clock radio that adds in Bluetooth. Available in the same natural wood finishes mentioned above (with an extra white/silver option), the Model Three can play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, but also has a sleep function, a snooze feature, and an MSRP of $349.99.

The Music System Two BT is an all-in-one stereo.

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