Tivoli NetWorks Puts Web Radio Anywhere

Tivoli NetWorks

Tivoli’s NetWorks line streams both web radio and audio from any networked PC.

The new tabletop promises thousands of free radio stations, as well streaming from any networked PC.

Dec. 09, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Is the world crying out for more stand-alone web radios? We just saw the Sanyo R227 yesterday. Now Tivoli says they are finally releasing the NetWorks line.

NetWorks is a stand-alone device, which uses Wi-Fi to tune into free web radio without the need for a computer. There isn’t much of a difference between this and the Sanyo unit, except Tivoli says you can store a whopping 200 stations. It can also stream non-DRM music from your PC. 

Also, the Tivoli unit has some classy wood craftsmanship. However, that will cost you a cool $600, which sort of takes the fun out of the whole “free radio” thing. Tivoli also says that FM and DAB versions cost a little more. Each of the systems is “automatically upgradeable,” and that doesn’t include the possibilities of adding a CD player or subwoofer.

The NetWorks line is available now in cherry, walnut or wenge.

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