TiVo Unleashes Desktop Plus 2.6


TiVo’s latest update allows viewers to subscribe to RSS feeds, as well as podcasts.

The DVR's latest update allows users to view content from the web.

Mar. 19, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Back in January, TiVo announced that it would soon allow subscribers to download video to their set-top boxes. Well, that day has come, my friends—sort of.

TiVo says that its new Desktop Plus 2.6 will allow viewers to subscribe to specific RSS video clients, including podcasts. However, Crave says you won’t be able to type “monkey videos” into your remote and get instant gratification. You’ll need to download the video to your PC first; then it can be transferred to any network-enabled TiVo box. Sounds like a middleman is afoot—and sort of lame.

Even lamer (in case you’re keeping track), Desktop Plus 2.6 isn’t giving any Internet love to Mac users. TiVo says they are working on that.

However, you have to give it up for TiVo. They’ve got Rhapsody, and recently announced pairings with YouTube and Amazon Unbox. Soon they will achieve digital domination.

Desktop Plus 2.6 seems to be the next piece of that puzzle. If you’ve got the previous version, it’s a free upgrade; new users will need to pay $25.

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