TiVo Announces New Photo-Sharing Services


TiVo’s new photo features will also allow users to search through and view thousands of public photos.

The digital video recording service has tapped into Picasa and Photobucket for photo features.

Dec. 03, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Bored with the writers’ strike? Instead of drowning your sorrows in reality TV, you can use your TiVo to tap into some family memories.

Using a TiVo box, users access web services Picasa and Photobucket to browse photos. Crave says that if you’ve got the Series 3 of TiVo HD, you can also view everything in high-def—your granny never looked so lifelike!

If you’ve got access or are into swapping usernames, you can also view images posted by friends and family, and vice versa.

Just another deal in the growing features list for TiVo. The service provider recently announced a partnership that will bring Real’s Rhapsody music collection to its set-tops, for an extra $13 a month.

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