TiVo Adds Music Video and Audio Choices


Need more to stuff your DVR with? TiVo wants to make that TV box rock with millions of song selections.

Jan. 10, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

In an ongoing mission to bring broadband content to the living room, TiVo has announced that it will make available services providing music videos and songs on TV—all with the click of a remote. Through joint alliances with Music Choice and RealNetworks, TiVo subscribers will have access to digital music services and a library of millions of songs and videos on their televisions sets.

View more of our CES special coverage “Music is one of the most popular and sought after content genres,” said Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo. “By working with Music Choice and RealNetworks to create services that give TiVo subscribers the ability to select the music videos and songs they want, TiVo is laying the foundation to redefine the television viewing experience and assuring a vast new world of broadband delivered content can be seen easily and conveniently on the TV.”

These content offerings will launch later in 2007. TiVo boxes are available at leading consumer electronic retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City and RadioShack.

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