Time Warner Viewers Can Start Over

Time Warner

A new service allows cable subscribers to rewind programs while in progress.

Oct. 26, 2006 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A lot of my favorite shows seem to be overlapping this season. Thankfully, if I decide that this week’s “CSI” is a stinker, I won’t miss a minute of McDreamy on “Grey’s Anatomy”—at least Time Warner subscribers won’t miss anything.

USA Today is reporting that TW Cable is planning to roll out a feature called “Start Over,” which will allow viewers to go back to the beginning of a program if they flip to it halfway through.

Just don’t expect to skip past any of those precious commercials; the service only allows for a “do over”—no fast-forwarding or skipping.

It sounds kind of cool, especially for an impulse watcher, like myself. However, you might still need that TiVo, considering you won’t be able to Start Over just any program on the dial. Since shows are stored locally, networks need to give the cable giant permission. Currently, NBC has granted access to its stable of networks. Time Warner also owns a good amount of networks as well.

Start Over will launch exclusively in Columbia, S.C. next month. Expect the service to go national sometime in the near future.

  • Expected to launch in November
  • Service will start in Columbia, S.C.
  • Rewind & pause TV programming

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