THX Loudness Plus Delivers Reference-Level Sounds at Lower Volumes

Yamaha receiver

Yamaha’s RX-Z11 A/V receiver will include THX Loudness Plus technology

Bass, ambient noise and surround effects will be better heard at lower volume levels with THX Loudness Plus technology, which will debut in Yamaha's RX-Z11 receiver.

Aug. 06, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We can’t always crank our home theaters. Those of us with babies at home know that especially, and as much as we can enjoy turning up the volume on “Ice Age” during the day, it would be nice to do the same with a concert DVD or action movie at night.

To help our ears receive the fullness of surround sound for when we can’t watch movies with the volume at bone-shaking levels, THX has introduced THX Loudness Plus technology designed for lower-volume listening.

The technology will be featured in THX Ultra2 Plus and THX Select2 Plus certified pre-amps, integrated systems and receivers. It will appear first in Yamaha’s flagship RX-Z11 A/V receiver.

Among the sonic benefits of THX Loudness Plus will be amplified bass sounds, surround effects and ambient sounds that are ordinarily mixed at higher levels for the cinema audiences.

THX Loudness Plus also incorporates automatic frequency response and ambient sound level adjustment technologies for more accurate and dynamic sound regardless of volume level, according to the company.

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