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"Avatar" not coming to 3D Blu-ray in 2010, Panasonic goes on 3D tour, and more.

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No ‘Avatar’ 3D Blu-ray in 2010
Ready for 3D’s first killer piece of physical media? You’re going to have to wait a little longer. [Read]

XpanD working on brand-agnostic 3D Glasses
Don’t even think about taking your Panasonic 3D glasses over to your buddy’s house to watch Monsters vs. Aliens on his Samsung display ... but keep an eye on XpanD for glasses that will work with any display. [Read]

Touch the Future at Panasonic’s 3D Showcase Tour
Can’t wait to see the latest Panasonic 3D technology, including the fruits of a partnership with Nvidia? Check out the Touch the Future tour in 15 US cities. [Read]

Tiger Woods Returns to Golf in 3D
Woods is making his return to the PGA Tour at The Master on April 5-11. Sony, Comcast, and The Masters are teaming up for two hours of 3D coverage per afternoon. [Read]

It’s not double-vision, it’s a 3D TV.
Next time you’re in a pub and the game looks a bit blurry, it may not be because of that seventh Guinness. Sky TV is buying 15,000 3DTVs from LG for live sports broadcasts, so you may just need to put on your 3D glasses. [Read]

Revised 3D Vision drivers released by Nvidia
Worried your Nvidia 3D Vision setup was going to cause a small fire? Revised drivers have been issued ... get ‘em while they’re hot! [Read]

Open Stereo 3D Initiative announced by ATI
Tired of all the proprietary 3D tech floating around out there? Check out ATI’s Open Stereo 3D Initiative and try to spec the open-standard love. [Read]

Nvidia Upgrades 3D Vision to HDMI 1.4 with 3DTV Play
Worried your 3D Vision investment wouldn’t pan out when 3D Blu-ray and HDMI 1.4 made their way into your home? You’re in luck thanks to Nvidia’s new 3DTV Play software upgrade. [” title=“Read”>Read]

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