Theater Jams to Hidden Music Stage


GOLD WINNER: Best Home Theater $50K-$100K

This multipurpose room plays entertaining notes in double-time with a 120-inch screen that scrolls up to reveal a stage.

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What will it be? A movie on the 7.2-channel home theater system? A game of billiards with music playing over the speakers in the back? Or maybe we’ll press a button and convert the space into a live concert hall.

It’s all possible in this home theater/recreation room/music area, thanks to some efficient design and a control system that automatically transforms the space as required.

Let’s start with the theater, where a JVC 1080p D-ILA (Digital Drive Image Light Amplifier) projector shines onto a 120-inch-wide Screen Excellence CinemaScope display that shows images in the superwide 2.35:1 aspect ratio, which many blockbusters are filmed in.

Home systems company DFS Technologies Inc. of Victoria, British Columbia, carefully tucked the projector into a soffit space with only a 2.25-inch-high opening. (Access is from the other soffit in the back of the room.) A Schneider Optics anamorphic lens enables the superwide CinemaScope images via a motorized sled that moves in front of the projector.

Powerful Atlantic Technology in-wall speakers and subwoofers fire from behind the grilles on each side of the screen, and a center-channel Atlantic Technology speaker sounds from behind the acoustically transparent screen. Meanwhile, surround sound comes from side and rear-mounted Atlantic Technology in-wall speakers.

It’s all cool and driven by a Yamaha receiver, Atlantic subwoofer amps and a Sony Blu-ray player.

But say you want to play some pool. No sweat. We move back to the bar area, fix a drink, press a button on the Control4 remote or iPhone for whole-house music, and enjoy some music via in-ceiling speakers.

And if we’re having a real party, the host might press another button that raises the screen and the center-channel speaker behind it, parts the drapes behind them and reveals a music studio with guitars, drums, piano and its own dedicated speakers. In addition, the kids can use the music area as a stage to perform live skits and shows. If the homeowner is there during the day to practice some guitar licks, he can open the curtains in the bar area to bring in natural light and offer a view of a nearby lake.

Wait, there’s still more entertainment. You can also sit in the dark and watch some shooting stars on the LED fiber optic starfield ceiling, which is inside the soffit shaped like a Stratocaster guitar.

No matter where you are in this space, there’s a show or something fun. 

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Systems Design and Installation
DFS Technologies Inc.
Victoria, B.C.

Hauge Construction Ltd.
Victoria, BC


Yamaha RXV1800 Receiver
Atlantic Technology SA-380 Sub Amps (2)
Atlantic Technology IWTS-8 Sub Speakers (2)
Atlantic Technology IWTS-10 LCR Front Spkrs (LCR) (3)
Atlantic Technology IWTS-10e SR Side Surround Spkrs (2)
Atlantic Technology ICTS-6.3e Rear Surround Spkrs (2)

JVC DLA RS2 Projector
Schneider Optics Cine Digitar Anamorphic Lens
Screen Excellence RM-120-235-2 Projection Screen (AT)
Knoll Systems U-HDMI HDMI Signalling
Sony BDPS350 BluRay
Motorola DCT 6416 PVR
Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF WebCam

Greystone International
Aura Pro Bass Shakers (3)
AudioSource AMP100 Bass Shaker Amp

Equipment Racks
Mid Atlantic BRK-36 Theatre Room
Control4 LSZ-101-B Wireless Switches (2)
Control4 AC-2URE-1-B Rack Shelf

Control4 C4-HC300-E-B Slave Controller
Control4 RCZ-SRC2-B RF Remote

Home Automation
Control4 TSE-3.8C2-B Mini Wall-mount Touchpanels (2)
Control4 LDZ-101-B Wireless Dimmers (11)
Control4 KPZ-6B1-B Wireless 6 Button Keypad
Control4 KPZ-3B1-B Wireless 3 Button Keypad
Control4 CCZ-T1-W Wireless Thermostats
Control4 LOZ-5S1-W Wireless Outlet Switch
Control4 Custom Custom Keycaps (9)

Makita ZZADO18K-2 Motorization Drapery
Numinus Custom Star Ceiling

Network Equipment
D-Link DES-1316 POE Switch
Linksys EZXS55W-EU 5-Port Sw

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