Theater Gets Asian-Flavored Makeover


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From multipurpose to media room, this makeover added an Asian theme to the traditional theater.

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The space began as a multipurpose room functioning as a library, office and television area. Although there were other areas in the residence to enjoy movies, television or music, the homeowner wanted a place to experience the “wow” of today’s media.

With this space being the only practical choice, the installer began the task of transforming this space into a dedicated home theater.

Among the greatest hurdles to overcome was the fact that the room was situated at the front of the house with three large windows that were a prominent feature of the home’s exterior. It was the homeowner’s request that we keep the windows intact and functional. Another area of concern was an alcove serving as a bar that was built in a previous remodel of the room and could not be altered.

With no interior designer involved, it was up to the collaborative efforts of the homeowners and Audio Video Interiors to come up with an acoustical solution that lent itself to the aesthetics of the room.

It was the homeowners’ desire that the room be somewhat traditional, but with Japanese architectural elements. The Japanese Shoji screen offered a great opportunity to conceal both speakers and acoustic treatments. Custom-built from hardwood framing and acoustically transparent cloth, as opposed to traditional rice paper, the Shoji screens satisfied all requirements.

Thick shutters, constructed of MDF, RPG FlutterFree diffusors, and a Shoji screen overlay, were used to block the light coming through the windows while providing a treated barrier for sound. Absorptive material was used behind the Shoji screens on the side walls as well as a recessed section in the ceiling to control sound at the first reflection points.

A JBL Synthesis 2 sound system was specifically chosen for its performance and flexibility in calibrating to the room.

The end result is a beautiful, high performance room that has exceeded the homeowner’s expectations.


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