The Trifecta of Home Theater


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Cramming a library, a guestroom and a theater into this one space redefines the term "multitask."

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The goal of the project was to create a trifecta of high-performance theater, an elegant library, and a functional guestroom. The dream became reality in one of the most unique theater projects Intuitive Integration ever tackled.

Making the most of limited space was the issue at hand. The basement room presented a host of challenges including a low ceiling with structural beams, an open back wall, mandatory egress window and small size. Accommodating the client’s wishes for a theater, bedroom, and library with a bar—all without feeling claustrophobic proved to be a tall order.

To economize space, a cabinet system with a matching fold-down wall bed were custom designed on the screen wall. Matching wenge cabinets surround the room, while directional spotlights highlight the clients exquisite art.

The front cabinets house two pull-out equipment racks and an in-wall center channel mounted into the bottom of the bed. A custom soffit hides the Screen Research motorized screen. Side and rear surrounds were installed in wall, while the left and right speakers were placed in room along with dual subs. The low ceiling and beams mandated a custom floor mount built specifically for the Runco VX4000 (equipped with 1:1 throw lens to handle the short distance to the screen); an extra shelf provides convenient access to the game console. A platform in the rear/center of the room provides sight lines over the projector, while single chairs flank the projector giving ample space and comfort for four.

While built for lounging and show, this room is engineered to perform as well. Studio Pacifica provided detailed acoustic analysis providing acoustic treatments integrated into the cabinet and art design. Audio Control’s Diva Room Correction processor closed the deal with a near perfect EQ. Video took a front seat as well with full source by source ISF calibration.

The Crestron TPMC10 WiFi touchpanel allows full control of not only the theater components, but also the Lutron Homeworks system, local Grafik Eye controller, whole-house audio system, motorized shades in the adjoining rec room, CCTV cameras and security system.

Whether entertaining guests with a screening or offering room for the evening, no one space does it with more class or performance.



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