Terra Puts Sound into Outdoor Lighting Fixtures


The new LuminSound line can deliver sound and lighting in a flexible, all-weather package.

Sep. 02, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We’ve seen the lighting/speaker combo before (specifically here, here and here). However, not too many companies are pushing to put that unique combination outside. Enter Terra Loudspeakers.

The company just launched a little something called LuminSound. This line combines audio with an LED lighting fixture. Even better, both are packed into a totally weatherproof black bollard.

Those not too familiar with the word “bollard” probably never worked in the lighting industry. It’s actually a term to describe short, post-like fixtures. Bollard sounds much prettier, doesn’t it?

It looks nice, too. The LS.32 is a 32.5-inch high black column that can be ordered in a down or up light to brighten up your pathway or patio, greenery, or other architectural elements. The top portion has a Terra weatherproof 5.25-inch co-axial loudspeaker that’s mounted at a 45-degree angle facing upward. The bottom part packs in weatherproof MR-16 multi-LED lamps. That speaker section can be rotated as much as 355 degrees independent of the lighting section for customized coverage.

Packing in Terra’s ACAD ceramic/alloy cone and MFCS fluid cooled spider-free technologies, the LS.32 is set for 70.7-volt or 8-Ohm operation with a built-in switch located behind the grille.

The LS.32 can be purchased as a single unit or part of a package of six LS.32 bollards. That set also includes a weatherproof AC-to-12-volt-DC lighting power supply, a single Terra partial-burial AC.SUB subwoofer, and a Crown CDi 1000 custom programmed power amplifier (limited system customization will be allowed).

Available in black, aluminum or copper, the LS.32 comes with a mounting flange and 30-inch PVC pipe to secure ground mounting. You can expect the LuminSound LS.32 to start shipping on October 31, 2011.

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