Tech Beds You’ll Want to Spend All Day In


Packed with A/V, these high-tech beds are perfect for a lazy weekend with your Valentine.

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Go ahead. Sleep in. Be a sloth.

You’ll never want to get out of bed when there are movies and music at your fingertips. Boasting features like built-in speakers, TVs that pop up from the footboard, and docking stations for iPads, this assortment of high-tech beds offers the ultimate in at-home entertainment.

Take the iCon Bed from Hollandia International ( Built into the bed’s upholstered headboard are four speakers, a 250-watt amplifier and docking stations for an iPad and iPod. Just plug in your mobile device and let the music stream through the speakers. Then there’s the Hi-Can canopy bed from Italian manufacturer Hi-Interiors ( Included with the bed is a controller from which you’re able to open and close built in shades, command a projection screen to descend, activate a built-in JVC video projector and operate reading lights. An Xbox gaming console comes with the system and is connected to the projector for big-screen game playing. And when you aren’t snuggling with your sweetie as you watch a movie, these beds are designed for comfort, featuring controllable massage units, adjustable incline, even built-in wine chillers. As for the design, well, the red fabric of Hollandia’s Sphere might take some getting used to, but most manufacturers offer a choice of fabrics and colors.

Of course, you don’t have to buy one of these prefabricated beds to enjoy movies, music and more in the boudoir. A custom electronics (CE) pro can team up with a cabinetmaker to create a footboard for a motorized pop-up TV. Or, you can always attach the display to a wall-mount that swivels the screen toward the bed on command from a remote. Speakers can be tucked away in the ceiling right above pillows. Slide the subwoofer underneath the bed to literally feel all the rattles and shakes.



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