Tailgator Takes His Home Theater On the Road


Auburn fans take their home theater on the road.

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“They never miss a game, home or away, says Luke Hunnewell, a custom electronics (CE) professional from Carroll Custom Designs, Tallahassee, Fla., who recently outfitted an American Eagle 45H coach bus with a four-screen home theater for one of the best tailgating setups he’s ever seen. “It’s so good, other tailgaters jockey for position on game day to get as close to the bus as possible.”

This entertainment oasis on wheels can cater to a big crowd. The main screen, a 122-incher from DaLite,” rolls down over the side of the bus manually from a soffit that’s permanently attached to the rig. The three other screens—a 52-inch Sanyo LCD, a 42-inch Vizio LCD, and a 30-inch Sony LCD—are stored underneath the bus until it’s parked. Then, the owners simply slide out the folding side mounts that are installed underneath the bus to bring the displays into viewing position. A/V inputs and power outlets are right there, too, for quick, easy connections to the satellite receivers and the Blu-ray player that reside in a rack inside the bus. All that’s left to do is set the super-bright 4,000 lumen projector on a table aimed toward the big screen and press play on the Control4 app which is displayed on the owner’s iPad.

Naturally, the Auburn game takes the center screen—and sometimes all of the little screens, too. The use the Control4 control system to pick out something different to display on each of four TVs.
Audio is processed and distributed via an Integra receiver to two 1,000-watt, internally amplified QSC speakers.

Fun Facts:
It takes the family 20 minutes to set up the tailgating rig.
There’s a custom Auburn-style BBQ on the back of the bus.
A custom-made Auburn filed carpet is large enough to roll out under three tailgating tents.

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