Swiveling 63” TV, Soundbar Serve Up Kitchen A/V Treats


FINALIST: Best Kitchen

An articulating mount and multichannel audio system allow a multipurpose room's audio and video to extend their reach, with the help of some automation.

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How many kitchens include a 63-inch plasma TV and full 5.1-channel surround sound entertainment system, with powered sub woofers and 10 additional stereo support speakers for music in the kitchen, all discretely disguised or hidden?

Right—not many, unless you’re at a country club maybe. Or this New Jersey home, which was outfitted with electronics by custom electronics pro Home Systems (in fact the entire home installation was such a mammoth project that it won our award for Best Grand Space).

“This kitchen was designed so that the owner could entertain large gatherings of friends and guest chefs while still having access to technology and her favorite cooking shows,” says Home Systems’ Ron Roslasky.

To that end, the 63-inch Fujitsu television is custom built onto an elaborate Electro-Kinetics articulating arm system that allows the set to move out and turn in any direction, up to 5 feet away from the wall, while being controlled by touchscreen commands.

The mount and touch screens also have “auto-out” preset commands programmed into them so that the TV automatically remembers its position based on favorite hangout areas in the room. And when the TV swivels out, so does the Leon Speakers Horizon HZ series speaker attached below the set, keeping the important center-channel dialogue coming from the same direction as the video. Triad in-ceiling speakers provide audio coverage for the rest of the large space.

The controlled systems aren’t limited to the television and surround system however, as the area required simplified operation of sky lights, window shades, music system source components, and lighting. All of this was addressed by using a compilation of Crestron automation and other system equipment along with wall-mounted and hand-held wireless touch screens located conveniently throughout the home.

Systems Design & Installation
Home Systems
Pompton Plains, NJ

Equipment List
Fujitsu 63” (client owned) plasma display
Denon AVR-4806 surround receiver
Denon DVD-1930
Crestron touchpanel
Leon Speakers Horizon HZ soundbar
Electro-Kinetics custom articulating TV mount
Triad OMNI round 8 ceiling speakers
Triad Silver IN-Wall power sub

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