Swann Debuts 960H Widescreen DVD-Quality Security System

The setup can deliver high-res widescreen video to your smartphone or tablet.

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With the summer here, we know a lot of you have been leaving the windows and doors open. Predators and thieves love that!

Now is a good time to think about a security system, especially when there’s something as easy as Swann’s 4200 Series TruBlue 960H DVR. This setup promises to deliver DVD-quality images in 16:9, which would look great on an HD monitor. However, the system looks just as pretty on a smartphone or tablet via the free SwannView app.

Available in 4-, 8-, 9- and 16-channel versions, the TruBlue 4200 comes with a combination of PRO-642 powerful day/night high-resolution security cameras that can be used indoors and out. Each one promises 960 horizontal pixels and 480 vertical pixels at 30fps whether you’re viewing it live or later through a flash drive, which can be connected through the DVR’s USB port.

Other features include a SATA2 hard drive, full screen or multi-screen real-time viewing, and motion-triggered recording.

“With the introduction of the 4200 series of 960H DVRs we can provide significant advanced security features within a user-friendly, cost-effective package—the trademark of all Swann products,” said Jeremy Stewart, VP of global marketing for Swann Communications. “As we like to say, it’s advanced security made easy.”

The 960H TruBlue 4200 series is available at Fry’s and Best Buy stores nationwide for $549.99 to $649.99, depending on the model.

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