Swann Boasts Interference-Free FamilyCam

Swann ADW-330

Swann’s ADW-330 FamilyCam can transmit video up to 165 feet.

This new camera and monitor duo can transmit images wirelessly up to 165 feet.

Jan. 06, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Need to do some spying around the house? Swann’s ADW-330 doesn’t disguise its spying eye inside a bear or even a pen. However, it does have the nifty moniker of “FamilyCam” to make you feel better about your prying eyes.

The set features a wireless monitor and camera with Swann’s Advanced Digital Wireless technology, which basically means it can capture and transmit video without any interruptions. The video can go pretty far, too—up to 165 feet.

“For parents, our Advanced Digital Wireless technology represents a smarter way to look after your family,” says Guy Pithie, Swann’s North American VP. “The ADW-330 addresses all of the problems common to analog wireless family monitors: interference from other wireless devices, grainy images and an unsecured wireless signal.”

The camera can swivel and the monitor has a rechargeable lithium battery. Available in black and white, it seems like a pretty nifty solution for $200. 

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