Sunken Theater is a Real Treasure


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Creating a new spin on the traditional build gives these homeowners a unique view of home theater.

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This sunken treasure doesn’t require a map, digging or pirates, matey. Instead of using a traditional riser, this theater has a step down into the foundation, making it seem sunken into the room.

Working alongside the contractor and structural engineers, this installer designed a step that would maintain the structural integrity of the foundation walls and floor, while keeping in mind sight lines from the second row.

Next, they custom-made the step lighting to accentuate the change in elevation from front to back. A custom-finished rack with thermal management was cut through the rear wall.

The result: The gear looks hot, while staying cool.

Five leather-motorized incliners invite guests to sit and enjoy the show, while a rear table and stools beckon those from the billiard room to stop in for a lengthy look.

One of the homeowner’s requests was to have an Xbox gaming system as part of the theater, but absolutely no visible wires. The installer found most of the wireless transmission systems to be sub-par in terms of reliability, so they ran conduit beside the in-floor heating to locations under both rows of seating, all while working with the electrician to ensure proper hydro placement for the Xbox and the motorized seating. Now when Xbox play is desired, the kids just plug in the controllers under their chairs.

The system can be accessed via an MX3000 touchscreen remote that not only controls the theater, but also lighting and the music server. The husband is a Corvette collector, so the graphic user interfaces were custom tailored to him, which includes a picture gallery of his latest vehicle build.

Theater calibration was done to industry standards. As in most cases with DLP technology, once the grayscale was tracked properly, everything else fell perfectly into place.

The end result is a theater room that the family uses regularly, not only for their weekly movie nights, but also for kids’ parties and sleepovers. The clients view this room as a welcome, valuable addition that they wonder how they ever did without!


  • Bell Express Vu 9200 Dual Tuner HDTV PVR
  • Draper 106-Inch Onyx Projection Screen
  • Elan VIA!dj Hard Drive Music Server
  • Energy CR3 Rear Surround/Side Speakers (4)
  • Energy S10.3 Powered Subwoofers (2)
  • Energy TAKE Tower Speakers (3)
  • In Focus SP7210 DLP Projector
  • Pioneer Elite DV45A DVD Player
  • Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi Surround Amplifier
  • Premier Mount PBLUMP Projector Mount
  • Home Control
  • Lutron GRX2404 Grafik Eye Controller
  • Lutron SPS600 Spacers (3)
  • Universal Remote MX3000 Touchscreen Remote
  • Other
  • Custom Made Step Lights (2)
  • Elan IRDKIT IR System
  • Elan ZFANR Rack Mounted Cooling Unit
  • Elan ZPOWER Rack-Mounted Surge Suppressor and Power Block
  • Front Row Seats Barcelona Seats (5)
  • Middle Atlantic Custom Shelves and Trim Plates (6)
  • Middle Atlantic ERK-4425 Rack System
  • Middle Atlantic TD4 & TD2 DVD Drawers and Partitions;/li>
  • Tributaries Interconnects

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