Sub-$10 Box Sets at Borders’ HD DVD Clearance

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Borders is clearing out its HD DVDs

Planet Earth, The Sopranos and Heroes are at bargain prices if you're still putting your HD DVD player to good use.

Dec. 01, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We know that HD DVD has been RIP for 10 months now, but we also keep hearing that many people haven’t put their HD DVD players out to pasture yet either.

Since this is the season for deals, there’s an HD DVD deal going on at Borders that you might be interested in if you still give your HD DVD player good use. The retailer has its HD DVDs on clearance, so pretty much all of their 145 available titles are under $10.

For the most part, that means films that you can find for the same price or even a few bucks cheaper at places like and, but with more of a selection.

However, Borders’ list also includes a handful of box sets at the same price (except for “The Matrix” trilogy, which might be some sort of typo at $109). Potential gems for those who don’t own them yet—or maybe want to catch up on a TV show in HD:

  • Planet Earth for $9.90
  • The Sopranos Season Six Part 1 for $8.89
  • The Sopranos Season Six Part 2 for $8.89
  • Heroes Season One for $9.90
  • The Best of HD DVD Vol. 1 (includes Lethal Weapon, The Road Warrior, Training Day, and Swordfish) for $9.96

We wish the Harry Potter box was available, but if you’ve got a friend with an HD DVD player, these could be good stocking stuffers.

Via: Ben’s Bargains

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