Stewart Debuts 5D Screen Material at Museum of the Moving Image


The exhibit combines two stereoscopic projections on a double-sided projection screen and game engine software.

Mar. 04, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’re anywhere near New York City, you may want to play hooky and head over to the Museum of the Moving Image. Stewart Filmscreen just announced its participation in a pretty crazy-sounding exhibit, known as “the RealTime UnReal installation.”

Designed by Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke of Workspace Unlimited, the RealTime UnReal exhibit uses Stewart Filmscreen’s Silver 5D screen to show off modern 3D capabilities. “The installation addresses the fusion of physical and digital space,” says the announcement. This is done using two stereoscopic projections on a double-sided projection screen and game engine software that was customized by the artists.

The end result promises to capture visitors in the physical space, all while displaying them in an imaginary world. Make sure to take a stroll around the exhibit, as it promises alternate viewpoints revealing impossible perspectives and simultaneous occurrences, and disrupts its architecture. In other words, it should be a pretty trippy experience!

“The RealTime UnReal exhibit is an immersive, interactive display that encourages visitors to walk around the screen making the ability to have 3D off-axis viewing a necessity for the success of the project,” says Soetens. “Stewart Filmscreen is the only manufacturer that could deliver the technical innovation, product reliability and professional service needed to ensure that our creative vision could become a reality.”

The exhibit first opened on January 15, 2011, and will be at the Museum of the Moving Image for about six months. After the exhibit’s run has completed, there’s rumor that it may travel to other venues.

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