Steinway, Lyngdorf Team Up for $150K Model-D Music System Masterpiece

Steinway Model-D

Steinway & Sons’ Steinway Lyngdorf Model-D Music System will be available in limited production this fall.

Piano maker Steinway & Sons worked with Peter Lyngdorf on its Model-D Music System for the elite audiophile.

Jun. 28, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We love letting you know about high high-end audio products—like KEF’s $130K Muon towers or this award-winning home’s Wilson-outfitted theater. Of course, it’s more fun to listen to them, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen every day.

From famed piano maker Steinway & Sons in tandem with Lyngdorf Audio’s Peter Lyngdorf comes the $150,000 Steinway Lyngdorf Model-D Music System slated for limited production this fall. If you haven’t read about it from our friends at Engadget or Born Rich, you still might have guessed that the system’s impressive floor-standing towers and amp feature the black finish of a beautiful piano.

The folks at Wired recently got to test-drive the system and report about its specs: “... each speaker tower has a solid aluminum casing and weighs 500 pounds, so it won’t vibrate when sounds pour from the four 12-inch drivers, two 5-inch midranges and single ribbon tweeter.” Whew!

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