Starbucks Giving Away 50 Million iTunes Tracks


Starbucks will start offering iTunes at 600 Starbucks shops in Seattle and New York on October 2.

Next time you get juiced up on Java, you could score a free slice of Apple's pie.

Sep. 24, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Starbucks just announced that they plan to give away over 50 million free downloads on iTunes. That should offset the price of your $4 coffee, shouldn’t it?

The giveaway is part of a partnership that will put wireless iTunes access into the coffee chain. Pick up a coffee (or muffin too, we’re guessing) and you will get a “Song of the Day” card with your purchase.

The sad thing is that Starbucks is picking the song you get to download. The AP says selections will include Joss Stone, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Annie Lennox and Band of Horses. I’d prefer a free cookie, personally.

The cards will be available from October 2 through November 7.


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