Star Wars Saga Heading to Blu-ray in 2011


Fans of the famous pair of trilogies will finally get to see and hear Star Wars in high-definition when it arrives on Blu-ray.

Aug. 17, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

May the force be with us, in high-definition.

Yes, Star Wars fans, you’ll finally get your wish sometime next year—at the earliest, according to creator George Lucas.

“We’ve been wanting to do it as soon as we possibly could, but we just wanted to do it when enough people would be able to buy it and see it,” Lucas said during last week’s Star Wars Celebration V convention in Orlando, Fla., the New York Times reported.

There was that whole Blu-ray vs. HD DVD format war, don’t forget, and then of course there are always Lucas’ technical demands that anyone familiar with his little ol’ company THX can attest to as well. But the whole shebang finally appears to be coming into reality for 2011, and we can only hope that along with the high-def presentation there are plenty new extra goodies for those who are making this investment yet again—after their previous VHS, Laserdisc and DVD purchases.

We’ll see—fans were already treated to a preview of a lost deleted scene from Return of the Jedi.

Some Star Wars purists may stick to their Laserdisc copies, however. Lucas noted that the Blu-ray releases of the original trilogy will be transfers of the special edition releases that went to theaters in 1997 and were used for the DVD releases, which struck a nerve with some fans who just wanted the originals kept pristine.

Still, whenever the six movies arrive in that big, happy box set, it will definitely be intriguing to see how much better the video and audio quality are from the other home video releases. At least you have plenty of time to start saving.

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