Staples to Stock “Self-Destruct” DVDs


“Semi-Pro” will be one of the first titles on Flexplay’s self-destructing disc, available next month at Staples. Photo: Frank Masi/New Line Cinema.

Flexplay is putting a time limit on your home entertainment.

May. 30, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

In case you don’t find yourself wasting enough resources throughout the day, Staples will soon stock DVDs that become junk after 48 hours.

Twice says that Flexplay Entertainment‘s discs contain a “Mission Impossible”-style technology, which makes the discs useless 48 hours after you break the special seal on their pouch. It’s caused by a creepy chemical reaction that occurs when the discs are exposed to oxygen.

If you find it necessary to try out this technology, please recycle! However, you have to wonder whether or not there will be a market for such movies. Flexplay did partner with Disney in the past, only to have the program cancelled in less than a year. However, Staples should be a high-profile gig for the movie supplier.

Flexplay discs will be available at Staples starting next month for $4.99 each. At launch, titles will include Will Ferrell’s “Semi-Pro,” critically acclaimed drama “The Kite Runner,” Oscar-winner “There Will Be Blood,” and the Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig fantasy “The Golden Compass.”

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