Staircase TV Install Opens up Small Room

Staircase TV Installation

A 60-inch Pioneer Elite plasma and Definitive Technology Mythos speakers are installed along this townhouse’s staircase. “Dreamgirls” (C) Dreamworks, Paramount. Photo: Laurence Taylor.

The owner of this theater finagled four more feet of viewing distance by installing his 60-inch plasma on a staircase wall.

Jun. 29, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

When it comes to optimizing a home theater, townhouses can be tricky. This Florida resident thought outside the box—in this case, his 13-by-13-foot box of a living room—to make way for a 60-inch plasma and surround sound system.

To create about 4 more feet of viewing depth so the screen didn’t overwhelm him or the room (his old TV jutted out almost two feet in front of the railing and virtually hid the nearby fireplace), the owner wanted the plasma mounted onto a staircase wall.

The only problem? Two installation companies told him it would be impossible. A third company, Magnolia Home Theater of Sanford, Fla., finally took him up on the challenge—or in this case, challenges. Magnolia had to build 8-foot-long scaffolding just to work on the wall. The installation team also dealt with three wooden fire blocks in the wall’s framework. It then had to run the wires 50 feet to a back bedroom because the owner did not want an equipment rack cluttering the wall’s adjacent guest room. And on top of everything else, the owner wanted the job completed in one day because he was heading out of town.

After a 14-hour installation—whew!—the owner could look forward to sitting back and enjoying his Pioneer Elite screen, as well as the Definitive Technology on-wall and SpeakerCraft in-ceiling speakers that deliver the surround sound.

“You’re probably a good 17 to 18 feet away when you walk in the door and look up at it, but you look upstairs and say, ‘Oh my God, there’s a 60-inch TV running up there with speakers,’” says lead installer Tim Farris. “The owner loves it. It’s beyond what he imagined.”

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