Sports Bar, Movie Theater, Night Club All in One


FINALIST: Best Fun Room

This basement room puts the multi in multipurpose, with a sports video wall and 130-inch screen home theater as the spotlights.

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Located down in the basement of this home is a little something for everyone. Actually, make that a lot something for everyone. It looks like it’s just for billiards and home theater, but this large room is set up for much more—theater, billiards, bar, disco, karaoke and sports video wall.

It’s the brainchild of custom electronics pro Diem Digital Interiors in Carrollton, Texas—you know, where everything is bigger to begin with.

“The billiards room is every sport fan’s dream,” says Diem Digital Interiors’ Mike Metzler. “With a Control4 video wall you can watch three games at the same time. The video wall is three separate plasmas placed side-by-side with sound coming from the center plasma. If you miss the end of an amazing play on one of the side TVs, just press a single button on the touch screen and it will swap the side image with the center image and rewind it 30 seconds allowing you to catch all the action including the sound.”

The plasmas are of the Panasonic variety, but if you turn around the room has an even bigger video surprise—a 130-inch Screen Innovations screen that’s fed by a 1080p SIM2 projector.

Surround-sound comes via a Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.2 speaker system, with a Denon receiver and B&K Reference amplifier.

And while sports are fun to watch in every corner of this room, they’re not for everyone, so a Sony Blu-ray player serves up the latest movies. Sports and movies are just the beginning though, so Diem outfitted this space as not only a sports bar and movie theater, but a true night club atmosphere.

“We were able to incorporate disco/stage lights along with a Rhapsody playlist of disco era music,” says Metzler. “With one button the theater created a ‘club-like’ atmosphere complete with flashing color lights and lasers. It made you feel like you were in a live version of Saturday Night Fever.”

Systems Design & Installation
Diem Digital Interiors
Carrollton, TX

Equipment List
Home Control System
Control4 HC-1000
Control4 HC-300 (22)
Control4 AM/FM/XM Tuner
Control4 16-Zone Audio Matrix Switch (2)
Control4 6-Button Controller (45)
Control4 3-Button Controller (25)
Control4 SR-250 Remotes (18)
Control4 7” In-Wall Touch Panel
Control4 7” Wireless Touch Panel
Control4 10.5” Wireless Touch Panel
Control4 Pool/Spa Integration (2)
Control4 Lighting Switches/Dimmers (230)
Control4 Home Web Interface
Control4 Thermostats w/ Remote Sensors (15)
Control4 iPhone/iTouch Control
Control4 Security Integration

Equipment Closet
Middle Atlantic Slim 5 Rack Enclosure (3)
B&K HD6 Video Matrix Switch (3)
B&K 6-Zone Audio Amplifier (7)
Sony 400-Disc DVD Changer
Sony Blu-Ray Player (2)
Speco Technologies 16-Channel Camera DVR
Panasonic IP Camera Server
ELK M1 Gold Panel Security System
Triad Bronze/6 Power Sub Amplifier

SIM2 C3X1080 DLP Projector
Denon 4308CI Receiver
B&K Reference 200.7 Series 2 Amplifier
Klipsch THX Ultra2 7.2 Surround Sound
Screen Innovations 130” Acoustically Transparent Screen
Audyssey Multi EQ Correction Calibration
Sony Blu-Ray Player
Karaoke Music/Lyrics System
Professional Stage Lighting

Whole House A/V System
Panasonic Professional Series Plasma (18)
Phase Technology In-Ceiling Speakers (44)
Phase Technology In-Wall Speakers (36)
Speco Technologies Night Vision Cameras (8)
Triad In-Wall Subwoofer
Triad Speaker Bar (2)
Stereo Stone Rock Speaker (4)
XBOX 360 (3)

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