Special Report: Furniture and Seating - The Importance of Seats and Cabinets


Form and function add to the home theater experience

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Let’s say you’re traveling — trekking across Africa, traversing the streets of Paris, circa 1920, or speeding through outerspace. Everything you bring on your journey must be perfect: your gear, your traveling companion, as well as your mode of travel… be it a ramshackle Jeep, a horse-drawn carriage or the ubiquitous Death Star (á la Star Wars). Once you’ve reached the middle of Mozambique, Montmartre or another galaxy far, far away, the sights, sounds and smells become pristine, breathtaking and authentic. You have entered another world.

When you retreat to your home theater after a long, stressful workday, this is the kind of experience you crave — to leave your world behind for another. You nestle into your comfy theater chair, pop up the footrest, fire up the projector and turn down the lights. Let the escape begin.

In this issue

  • Must-have Features and Functions
  • Custom Designs for the Perfect Fit
  • Celebrity Interviews: Top furniture designers discuss the latest trends in A/V furniture

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