Wireless Speaker in a Lamp from Soundolier

Soundolier Duo Wireless Speaker Lamp

Soundolier’s Duo combines wireless sound with lighting.

When speakers should be heard and not seen.

Feb. 23, 2007 — by Gordon Jones

“So what if it’s as big as a Subaru and costs as much! You’ll never have to trade this in. This is gonna be with you for the rest of your life. And when you die, they can bury you in it!” – Ruthless People, 1986.

Gone are the days of the comically large speaker. Instead, manufacturers are now scrambling to hide their woofers and tweeters in just about anything they can find. Planters, fake books, and even mantle clocks are fair game for some. Soundolier has chosen the ever-present floor lamp as their household camouflage and added enough bells and whistles to make it interesting.

For starters, the lamp itself is everything you would expect—a standard bulb socket, a built-in dimmer and stylish enough to fit into most decors without sounding alarm.

The wireless speaker inside the each lamp is a full range 5-1/4” that utilizes a patent-pending design to spread the sound in all directions, which is great for blending in. Each speaker can be set to ‘right’ or ‘left’ for stereo effect (when used in pairs) or to a ‘mix’ setting for solo use. You also get a choice of 2.4GHz transmission frequencies to avoid collisions with other wireless devices in your home (cordless phones, WiFi, microwaves, etc).

Soundolier also added 3.5mm jacks on the base of the lamp so you can add a subwoofer (not included), additional transmitters, or direct hookup of your iPod, PlayStation, or what-have-you.

The price for per lamp is $299 (being cool is never cheap). But before you go clicking, know also that you’ll need the Maestro transmitter to make it all work… that’ll run you another $100.

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